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Photos of sauna stoves in the interior

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Building a sauna is a project that requires not only deciding on the size of the place, but also building the structure. You also need to decide what type of equipment you will use. Do you want an equipment that uses a gas burner to heat the rock? Or would you like to be able to regulate the temperature by activating a small vent? As one of the leading suppliers of sauna equipment GEFEST GFS, we have the knowledge and experience to give you the best possible quality when it comes to sauna construction equipment.


A sauna is much more than just benches and a stove. For the best, most comfortable and safest sauna, it needs to be professionally installed. The most important element of a sauna is the stove. We often find that people pay a lot of attention to the interior of the sauna, to the lighting, and leave the choice of the wood-burning stove as an afterthought, even though it is the heart of the sauna, and it is the one that will give us the pleasure and the warmth of our sauna. First of all, we need to look at what types of sauna heaters there are in general:

  1. Electric stoves
    most often used for those who like sauna-type saunas with high temperatures and low humidity. They are suitable where there is no possibility of a chimney and there is no desire to pour water on the sauna stove.
  2. Wood-burning stone stove or black sauna stove
    the pioneer of the sauna, used today by true smoke sauna enthusiasts.
  3. Wood-fired batch furnace
    Usually a large and heavy (2000-3000 kg) brick sauna stove where the fire is heated through stones. It usually takes 4-5 hours to prepare the sauna, removing the ash. Of course, the steam from this sauna stove is very good and pleasant.
  4. Continuous wood-burning sauna stove
    This is probably the most popular type of wood-burning stove, which also includes GEFEST GFS Sauna stoves. They are steady-burning stoves that heat up within 1,5-2 hours before use. They do not take up much space and are easy to operate.

Although GEFEST GFS is classified as a fixed-fire sauna heater, it should be noted that it is fundamentally different from other manufacturers' wood-burning sauna heaters of this type.

Unique design of the patented GEFEST GFS stone tray

This design and its high mass allow for soft, low-dispersion steam with a heat/humidity ratio of 60/60. It weighs a minimum of 2 times more than any other manufacturer's steam room of the same volume. The box heats up to +600 c and the stones are heated up to +400 c, which allows you to have a very high quality steam and to enjoy a great sauna for a long time.

Durability of the GEFEST GFS sauna heater

With a stone tray up to 50 mm thick and stove walls up to 14 mm thick, the product is guaranteed for 5 years. The sauna heater has a service life of up to 30 years.

Dual-chamber combustion chamber

Fire barrier plate, with additional oxygen supply to the chamber for additional combustion of the pyrolysis gases, which reduces the co emission and additionally heats the stone hopper. The result is a very efficient wood-burning stove, while at the same time saving the environment.

Heat maintenance

Due to the weight and finish of the stone, the heat is retained for a very long time, which is not only useful for sauna use, but also for long life - drying, space heating, etc. Stone cladding helps solve convection and infrared radiation issuesthat cannot be solved by conventional sauna stoves. The Gefest GFS cast-iron construction is at least twice as heavy as any other shoulder sauna stove for a steam room of the same volume. And you won't find it anywhere else.

  • GROM

All of them have a 60/60 heat/humidity mode, all of them store heat and all of them are directly heated by a powerful cast-iron tray that generates low-dispersion light steam. So let's take a look at them all:



This is an economy line stove for small steam rooms, for home use and for normal use by up to 4 people. Up to 2 persons can use it without the need for an additional load of firewood.

The thickness of the stove walls is 10 mm and the stone tray has teeth on the bottom which heat the stones and the whole area faster. The smallest of the series weighs 145 kg, which is the heaviest compared to other manufacturers' sauna stoves designed for high volumes.

This line has two capacities - Horror 18, for steam rooms up to 18 m3 and Horror 24, which is respectively designed for steam rooms up to 24 m3.

Available in two configurations - with mesh for stonework or stone finish Mix and match 30 mm thick.

Guaranteed for 5 years.



These are already much more powerful and longer-lasting sauna heaters.

They have a larger combustion chamber, a thicker and larger stone tray, and a wood stove wall thickness of 12-14 mm depending on the model. This model is ideal where a quicker sauna preparation is needed and a larger number of people will be present.

There are 5 capacities for different sizes and volumes of steamers - Gefest GFS 18 for an 18m3 steam room, Gefest GFS 25 for a 25m3 steam room, Gefest GFS 30 for a 30m3 steam room, Gefest GFS 40 for a 40m3 steam room and Gefest GFS 45 for a 45m3 steam room.

Available with netting to cover the stones or with different soapstone finishes Zmejavyk, Talkochlorite, Serpentinite and Talkomagnezite, 40 to 60 mm thick.

Guaranteed for 5 years.



The most powerful series that will impress even the biggest sauna professionals. This wood-fired sauna stove is distinguished by its long heat retention and high power output, which can heat not only a steam room with a whole group of people, but also a larger sauna building long after the end of the sauna. The weight of the stone tray starts from 106 kg and up to 200 kg up to 50 mm thick, depending on the model. This model has three capacities - GROM 30, which is suitable for steam rooms up to 30 m3, GROM 50 for steam rooms up to 50 m3 and GROM 80, for steam rooms up to 80 m3, respectively. Available with a mesh stone cover or with different soapstone finishes Zmejavyk, Talkochlorite, Serpentinite and Talkomagnezite, with a minimum thickness of 50 mm.

5 years warranty and even 2 years warranty for commercial use.



A new design of cylindrical model for you. It is the closest in performance and power to the model GEFEST GFS. It will heat the stones slightly faster due to its design and its two channels for feeding oxygen to burn the pyrolysis gas. The stone hopper can be rotated in either direction and at the same time change the position of the flue connection. This sauna stove has a unique water filling design through the door and two water cannons.

This model has two power outputs - AVANGARD 24 for a 24m3 steam room and AVANGARD 30 for a 30m3 steam room. So far, it comes with a round net and a tulip net.

Warranty 5 years.


So, to choose the best option for you, you need to remember to make an additional assessment:

  1. What will the sauna be made of, or is it made of?
  2. Are there heat insulating materials?
  3. What is the size of the additional rooms?
  4. The thickness of the wall through which the furnace will pass,
  5. Will I need to heat additional water?
  6. How long do you want to have additional heating after the sauna heater stops working?
  7. What is the estimated budget?
If you have any further questions about the GEFEST GFS sauna heater, please use the contact details below. For more information on sauna installation and construction, please visit our facebook and youtube channels - Gyva Lietuviška Pirtis.

Official GEFEST GFS representative in Lithuania


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