Russian steam PREMIUM Talcomagnesite Grom 80 P (brick)


Steam room m3
Finishing thickness, mm
External dimensions, mm

The main purpose of the "Russian steam" shaped cover is to create a Russian steam bath. This is achieved by being able to control the level of convection heating and the humidity in the steam room.

Coating functions:

  • adjusting the heating level of the steam room;
  • complete cessation of convection;
  • maintaining the resulting humidity level;
  • complete shutdown of hard infrared heat radiation;
  • decorative appearance.

All panels are checked for cracks and foreign inclusions. The stone is of natural origin and the pattern of the same rock can vary greatly. For the production of a single product, the slabs are graded so that they are of the same stone colour and pattern.

The cladding shall cover the body of the stove on all sides, with outlets for the firebox, the chimney and the flap door.

Dimensions: 900*900*2060

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